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Easy English Spoken


Basic knowledge of English

Course Outline

Class 1

  • Session of CONFIDENCE
  • EASY English TENSE or SENSE Introduce yourself pair discussion.

Class 2

  • Session of ORNAMENTS
  • I’d be honored COMMON MISTAKE Pair discussion.

Class 3

  • Session of QUESTIONING
  • AGREEMENT so/neither do I & use of does” ‘’did’’ ‘’do’’ Pair discussion.

Class 4

  • Session of QUESTIONING
  • QUESTION TAG use of ‘was’ ‘were’ ‘am’ ‘is’ ‘are’ and MODAL verbs Pair discussion.

Class 5

  • Session of SOLVE class Mini test
  • DIALOGUE ‘’Long time no see”

Class 6

  • Word choice Expressions of REQUEST
  • Conversations between 2 bus passengers” “Could you please open the window?”

Class 7

  • Session of FORMAL SPEECHES “s/es” solution
  • “I am so honored to be here today” He Knows?”

Class 8

  • Session of PASSIVE Sentences
  • I was told “When was I told?”

Class 9

  • Session of LISTENING comprehension Listening tips
  • Let’s watch a film/drama “MIND Your LANGUAGE” Episode 01.

Class 10

  • Session of SOLVE class and Mini test
  • Impersonation Journalists vs Celebrity.

Class 11

  • Session of TECHNOLOGIES Sentence Making S Y  S  T  E  M
  • Usage of should, should have, could’ could have PAST REMORSE “I should have done” “I could have run”

Class 12

  • Session of TECHNOLOGIES hardly, whether have to, and
  • A: I work hard
  • B: No you hardly work”

Class 13

  • Session of RIDDLES and unreal sentences
  • If I had 100 million dollars I would……… Asking riddles.

Class 14

  • Session of Causative Verbs
  • Speech of Hillary Clinton “You made me cry…
  • Mind Your LANGUAGE (Episode 2)

Class 15

  • Session of SOLVE class and Mini test
  • DEBATE Money brings happiness.

Class 16

  • Use of ‘’AS” group
  • DEBATE Money brings happiness.

Class 17

  • Use of NEED Group and Used to
  • CONVERSATIONS “I need to cut my hair” “My hair needs cutting” “You used to trust me”

Class 18

  • Use of Its time can’t HELP, almost
  • Impersonate the P R E S I D E N T “It’s not time to hate It’s time to love”

Class 19

  • Use of want too…to might as well
  • CONVERSATIONS Father: I want you to be a doctor Child: I want me to be a patient

Class 20

  • Session of SOLVE class and Mini test
  • DEBATE: Job is better Than business

Class 21

  • Usage of “SEE” Group and “…ever” group
  • BLAME GameA: I saw you dancing B: No, I was jogging LISLENING to a song “wherever you go” whatever you do I’ll be right here waiting for you.

Class 22

  • Usage of Though instead of, still, yet became of
  • BLAME Game A: Though you are fit you don’t fight B:  You are not right.

Class 23

  • Usage of Questioning
  • BLAME GameA: Do you like me B: Yes, I do No, I don’t watch a film MATRIX

Class 24

  • Session of Presentation/ Formal Speech
  • Watching speech of OBAMA and Do it yourself.

Class 25

  • TEST & Certificate Ceremony Along with Grand Feast